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Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract Objective The current study elucidates the relations between alexithymia and body image in patients with binge eating disorder BED. Method One hundred one patients with BED were evaluated. Results The prevalence of alexithymia in our sample was Conclusion Alexithymia was associated with more severe BED. Citing Literature. Volume 39 , Issue 4 May Pages Related Information.

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Ed ecco che parte il piccolo dramma di ogni donna che voglia essere sempre trendy e alla moda: Continue reading 1 Share.

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Mi sono immersa Continue reading 5 Share. In Italy is not quite the same….. Today I and Sarah had a skype call. After that we talked about migration in particular migration from Italy from and so on. Also about the past and present stereotypes linked to this historical event. Next summer in Britain a referendum about the Brexit -if Britain would stay or leave Eu- will take place. Oggi io e Claudia abbiamo finalmente organizzato il nostro teletandem su skype.

Ho trovato tutto questo interessantissimo! Today I had a long interesting conversation with Sylwia. We talked about a lot of things. We started with the publicity and the different patterns between italian spot and english spot. We have compared italian, english and polish tv where they have three particular channels that transmit low quality programs. First of all, we noticeed how the modality of spot advertising is different. In Italy there is a very materialistic way to show and to advertise a product.

I had shown to Sylwia, for example, food-spots or spots where the director tried to talk about particular themes related to the current social themes as the homosexuality and the gay marriage as Findus spot. In England we can find a traditional tv, where they represent a spot connected to reality and to the person that is watching it. They make you relate to the advertisement, in this way they try to make you buy how much as possible! Anyway, english spot reflects also the english society that England would have.

They have a percentage grading system for the exams. She explain that this percentages corresponds to a level. We also talked about the cost of our city and our university that are so different from each other. It was an interesting experience! Hi guys, today me and Faith have had our skype call. We talked about the differences between Italian and English culture and traditions.

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In particular we compared our school systems and how are organised the classes at University. Furthermore she described me the way to become a teacher of foreign language in England. I did not know that the English government gives them a cash help to pay the University, so all students have the opportunity to study at University , instead in Italy the government helps just students who have a low income in the family, and not for the full amount, for this reason many students work during the studies.

Finally, I told her about my work experience in London where it was difficult for me to understand all different pronunciations of English and to compare myself to different cultures and ways to communicate. Have you had work experience abroad? Abbiamo detto, come in classe, che gli spot pubblicitari Italiani sembrano sfruttare il corpo della donna come un oggetto sessuale, mentre in Inghilterra non succederebbe mai!!

Questo si vede anche nei programmi di TV, non solo sugli spot. Ho un esempio che dimostra come un spot possa avere molto successo creando delle forte emozioni al telespettatore; e impossibile dimenticare questo spot ed e esattamente quello che vogliono per attirare la sua attenzione! Cosa ne pensi?

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Hi guys, Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with Connie. We talked about superstitions and it was interesting to discover that common practices are spread in Italy and England, for example that of : do not open the umbrella in the house.

Additionally we have the common thought that superstition is something associated with the age, so older people tend to be more and more supertitious than younger people. What do you think about this?? Oggi io e Valentina abbiamo parlato un po sulle superstizioni. In Inghilterra tendiamo ad essere superstiziosi senza la necessita dei oggetti fisichi associamo certe azioni con la fortuna o sfortuna ma non e qualcosa di visibile. Qualcuno di voi ha un oggetto o simbolo in casa o nella macchina che associate con la fortuna o sfortuna? Hi guys. Today me and Dyfan have had our first skype call.

We actually had not much to say about interculturality, but we tried to explain our personal point of view on the differences between people, belonging to several background. We talked about the emerging problems of immigration in England and Italy.

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I personally explained him, how important was my erasmus in Germany, as a contribution for the creation of an European generation. A funny part of our conversation was the explanation of some messages that we italians tend to explain with our body Body language , which is also very tied to our culture. Do you think is it easy or not to work in another country with different cultures? To relate with other foreign people means to take into consideration different languages, ways of thinking, ways of life, customs, habits and laws that comes from different cultures.

In this sense, interculturality allows us to avoid problems and incomprehension that could arise from the interaction between two different realities and, at the same time, is useful for our cultural enrichment, creativity and to broaden our horizons.


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Oggi io e Valentina abbiamo parlato sulle differenze culturali che esistono fra Italia e Inghilterra ed i problemi associati a questi. Questo si fa imparando un po della lingua, e non comportandosi come un turista — fare uno sforzo per integrarsi e fare quello che fanno gli abitanti del paese in questione. Cosa ne pensate voi sulle differenze culturali fra Italia ed Inghilterra?