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Customers do expect value for money. When you do have a bargain price, promote it with large signs, visible placement, multiple locations, and polite suggestions. Offer discounts for volume which means you give a bargain to priceconscious shoppers but still get top price from the people who want just a few. Twenty years ago, we started to teach people that pickling cucumbers are wonderful in salads. They have thinner skins and better flavour than standard cucumbers. We also kept searching for new varieties and now we sell Armenian, European, and Middle Eastern types which are better yet.

Give away a new variety just to encourage customers to try unusual things. A good market — and a good stand — has high-end treats, less expensive foods in larger quantities, and items in between. Your prices may change during the market, from week to week, and throughout the season. When you do, you must change the sign immediately and tell your staff. It helps to make an announcement about a price reduction as you change the sign. People like to know. Tell them how you like to cook it. They often want to try something new, especially with familiar, well-supplied vegetables like zucchini. Does this onion store well?

Is this cut of meat good for the barbecue? However, customers also appreciate personal comments. If you have favourites, say so. The customer will admire you for it. The dual importance of a high quality product and a high quality relationship with regular customers was one of my earliest lessons. They will succeed because the produce is superior to what consumers can buy elsewhere and the price is right.

Taste your products.

ISDH: Farm Produce Safety Initiative

Do they measure up? But with regular exposure to fresh, seasonal, highquality produce, they will become more discerning, not less. You cannot give them the same old apples week after week, or uneven quality, or bad prices — and expect them to come back simply because you are a farmer. They will shop elsewhere. We need to offer something better, and different: the sweetest strawberries, handmade bread, pastry with real butter, raw honey, fresh eggs, marbled, well-hung beef. Flavour is the most important quality in food.

Rarity itself can be a virtue. Grow traditional and unusual varieties and breeds. To make a good return from markets you need to have spring, summer, autumn and winter crops. Extend the season by growing cold weather crops, or by planting several batches of carrots for a steady supply of young carrots if they are popular. If you want to sell seriously at markets, you may need to change your growing patterns. Sell a variety: many different vegetables even in small quantities , flavours of juice, cuts of meat. That way, customers will stay longer and spend more.

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Are the market hours right? Do you have requests from customers for something no producer is supplying? Tell the manager about your farm. The manager serves you and represents you to the public. We want people to shop times or people to make 10 purchases. You must remind customers that the market is open every week. Encourage them to bring friends, colleagues, family and neighbors.

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Consider carefully who takes money and who restocks at market. Some people are better at one job than the other. Always use the smallest container rule. The produce you have should always be in the smallest container in which it fits. If you start out with a crate of apples, keep it full throughout the whole market. If you have only half a crate left, find a smaller basket.

Customers dislike buying the last of anything — it looks like the dregs, but a smaller container looks like abundance.

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For one thing, such markets become impersonal. But the best markets have plenty to offer customers.

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You all agree to sell by the rules for a few hours each week. You are stronger together than alone. This also means that one vegetable or fruit stall is not enough. Customers want — and deserve — a mix of produce, prices and styles. No farmer is guaranteed a monopoly. It seems like a paradox: at market, the farmers need each other and they also compete with each other. In the long run, the answer to competition is stability.

How to Cut Plums for a Plum Tart : A World of Healthy Recipes

Ideally this is accomplished through a regional network of markets managed by the same organisation. That means enough markets for the producers, enough producers at each market, and enough choice for customers. Make chilled foods visible Meat, poultry, dairy, and egg producers, and those selling chilled processed food like pasta, have particular challenges in display. You need to show off your food just as the peach and tomato farmers do, piled high and colourful and seductive. Sometimes a meat or poultry farmer seems to be selling nothing at all.

Online Farmers Market

Farmers use chilled glass display cabinets, which look beautiful and allow them to sell fresh meat, sausages, meat pies, smoked fish, cheese, and more. Meanwhile, most producers sell fresh or frozen meat from plastic cooler chests. These are all barriers to more sales. Cibola has created the sense of a butcher shop in the open air, with a U-shaped stand to invite customers in without making a commitment, so browsing is possible. Customers are invited to rummage through the plastic bins for frozen meat, so self-selection is possible. Shoppers can come and pick up their pre-ordered turkeys and pies.

Chef Earl will also be there, serving up his delicious BBQ sandwiches and selling sauces. The holiday spirit will abound that day, as the Christmas trees will also arrive Christmas tree lot opens November Weekdays: Noon-8pm, Weekends: 9am-7pm. The baked goods, artisan foods, confections and other products offered are produced locally as well. You'll be surprised by the great variety you'll find at our Markets, even during the coldest months. Shoppers will find an array of late-season produce, root veggies, honey, BBQ sauces and hot BBQ sandwiches, kombucha, micro greens, mushrooms and more.

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hukusyuu.com/profile/2019-12-23/whatsapp-blaue-haken-galaxy-note-5.php Excellent selection and fair prices. Fun, relaxing, enjoyable environment among friendly people. Great way to start the weekend! We make it our weekend experience and enjoy every minute. A few samples here and there. Flowers, yard plants, coffee, eggs, various meats, baked goods and local honey.